Furniture Event

"Free” is consistently recognized as the strongest inducement used in advertising copy regardless of what you are selling. For this furniture retailer, we offered "free" accessories with any furniture purchase. Not only did it drive in significantly more new and existing customers than a straight percentage off sale, but after delivery, customers reported enhanced satisfaction because the new accessories made a difference in the overall look of their room.

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If your mailer doesn't grab a customer's attention, nothing else matters. The trick is to think outside the box without losing sight of what the promotion is about. For this communication company, we developed a well thought out marketing strategy for this client, and then, created a design that really stands out in the mail and gets noticed by highly targeted prospects.

Non-Profit Sales

We did a promotion for Goodwill Industries with a twofold purpose. The first was to convey an upper scale image than was the common perception. It also showed that customers could expect a good bargain for back to school expenses. With the poor state of the economy at the time, Goodwill's merchandise became an attractive alternative to traditional retail shopping.

Valentine Jewelry

This piece was done for an already established jeweler as a Valentine's Day promotion. The design had a very strong visible presence in the mail, and drew a lot of attention leading up to the sale.

Furniture Special Event

This mailer was done for a high end furniture chain and was aimed at their premium customer list. The idea was to offer their best customers access to the inventory before the general public. Private sales add to the exclusivity and create a sense of urgency.

High End Automotive

In the car business, parts and repairs are huge profit sources for automotive dealers. For most consumers, even though their cars may need scheduled maintenance, a well thought out incentive will get them to come in sooner rather than later. We created a month long event playing off "Octoberfest" with multiple offers and coupons throughout the month. The results exceeded the client's expectations, and Octoberfest became a regular part of their direct mail program.

Suburban Restaurant

A hot, new chef was hired to attract a younger crowd to this well established restaurant. We knew that once a few diners experienced the food and ambiance, reservations with the new target market would take care of themselves. We designed a postcard depicting a young woman, drink in hand, having a great time at a hip restaurant. Then, we offered a BOGO, an offer which is usually too good to refuse. The restaurant got over 300 responses and soon became the buzz around town.

Drug Testing

This company was introducing a large new line of services regarding drug and clinical tests, and enhanced record keeping technology. These new services allowed drug testing companies to outsource services domestically at a significant savings. In this case the target market was very small, allowing a series of mailers to be sent on a periodic basis.

Furniture Sale

Multi-layered sales like this Leap Year promotion have something for everyone. Therefore, they have a significantly increased rate of response. For this "Leap Year Sale" we began by guaranteeing the lowest possible pricing in town, giving the promotion a real sense of credibility. A free Kindle offered the customer an added incentive. I once had a furniture dealer from Illinois who said "My regular customers will walk a mile for a free gift and my rich ones will walk five." Over the last twenty five years, I have repeatedly followed his advice with consistent, positive results.

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Custom Jewelry

High fashion, high priced jewelry demands the same quality in their advertising materials as they do in the jewelry designs themselves. At Dynamail, we feel that our designs consistently exceed expectations, and we always use the highest quality printing available anywhere.