Carrier Route Presort List with Demographics

We have found that a very cost efficient way for retailers to utilize direct mail is to send postcards to a carrier route presorted list with a demographic index.

Every zip code is made up of approximately 10-20 carrier routes. A carrier route is the daily route driven by an individual mail carrier. Since each carrier route covers a small area or specific neighborhood, the incomes and lifestyles of the residents along the route will all be similar. The efficiency can be further enhanced by making an additional selection by using a demographic index. This is a measure of how likely a household is to act in a certain way.

An index can look at age, income, educational background, or specific purchasing patterns. By dividing zip codes into carrier routes, we can create a mailing list that is ideally suited for your individual business.

All you have to do is select the zip codes, let us know what income level most accurately describes your customers, and we can select the carrier routes that have the appropriate demographic index.

Magazine Subscription List

Many national and special interest magazines sell their subscription lists to be used for direct mail purposes. All you have to do is select the publication that you feel your customers are likely to read, supply us with the zip codes you are interested in, and we’ll supply a list of subscribers in your area.

Since the field of magazines is a fairly diverse one, there may be several choices that best represent the character of your business. Please give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you pick the ones that will be most effective for you.

Specialty Lists

If there is a listing in the Yellow Pages for a given occupation or service, we can get the mailing list, either locally or nationally. Simply let us know who you’d like to reach and we’ll provide you with the perfect list.

Often we are asked if a specific list can be obtained and we answer, “if we found a list of diabetics living in Florida who were on Medicaid, we can find almost anything!”

New Homeowners List

What could be better than directly reaching the new residents in your area… people who need to know the best place to shop but may not know where to go?

Our new homeowners mailing list compiles new mortgages issued during the previous 90 days. Simply supply us with the zip codes closest to your store and we’ll send you new leads monthly. Each name comes on a pressure sensitive label and is accompanied with a list of phone numbers when available, for telemarketing purposes.

Have your salespeople take the time to jot down a personal message on the back of the postcard… perhaps a welcome to the neighborhood…or even a special offer for first time purchases.

This approach is low volume in terms of quantities mailed, but is very effective in that it reaches people who are looking for information just when they need it.

Targeted New Business List

In addition to your existing customers, Dynamail Marketing can help you locate highly targeted new business leads. This is an especially valuable list for business-to-business selling in that it gives you an opportunity to get in on the ground floor as a supplier to a new company that is in a buying intensive stage.

By carefully analyzing your needs, we will locate businesses that will be interested in your products and services. New business lists are industry specific and can be targeted by the size of company, contact name, and various demographic and geographic selections. Phone and fax numbers are also available for telemarketing purposes.

Customer Supplied List

There is no question that new business is most easily generated from your existing customer base. Successful businesses use direct mail on a regular basis to keep their name in front of their customers and to let them know about new products and services. DynaMail will work with you to develop a marketing plan that will get the maximum benefit from your own customer list on a regular basis.


The postal service has instituted a program called Every Door Direct Mail. This is a kind of “do-it-yourself” version of direct mail. The mailing piece has no name or address and is very simple. One piece is put in with the regular mail at every address on the carrier’s route, at a slightly discounted postage. This is meant mainly for local businesses that cater to a general audience without a specific demographic. A good example would be a local pizza shop that wants to advertise a promotion. For most uses of direct mail this can actually be more expensive than regular Standard Mail. This is because you have to send out more mailers to reach the people that you want to target. At Dynamail, we can be sure that your customers are pinpointed most efficiently.