Jim and Susan understand advertising and the furniture business, a combination that is tough to find. Not only do they have a great feel for what the furniture buyer will respond to, they understand that advertising has to be cost effective. Since I began using Dynamail in 1998 our sales have doubled, certainly they are not solely responsible for this, but they have made great contributions. They listen, they counsel, they respond, they do what they say.

John Snell
John-William Interiors

Dear Jim:

Most letters are coming as grievance or complaint. Not mine. I would like to express our pleasure and gratitude for the cooperation and turn around time given our company on the numerous projects coming along as a result of our company merger.

Both your staff, and your self have proven yet again that professionalism, and forethought will move mountains.

It is a privilege and an honor working with Dynamail and its representatives and we look forward to a continuous long relationship.

Kind regards,

Anca Serban
Marketing Manager

You spoil me. This is the easiest advertising I have ever done. The only thing easier would be if you guys paid for it, too! (you don’t, do you? -ha!)

Phyllis Clary
Americana Furniture


Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration! A pleasure working with you!

Kate Sullivan
Director of Marketing
Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania